The 'Groovy-Baby' 70's universe of the range, is particularly felt in the liquid BROWN with its light ash-flavour which unequally mimics the taste of a classic 'Blend', thanks to its unique smoky character.

One can almost hear the warm and mellow voice of a 'Barry White' hovering in the emitted vapour. The touch of honey enhances the nostalgia of passed days.

A few subtle fragrances of hazelnuts and popcorn finally harmonise the whole with delicateness.

Pushing on the Watts will increase its smokiness as much as the 'Hit'.

Is there any better way to get free forever of gruesome smokes, instantaneously as gently?

Le Vapelier (Number one of the French vaping products comparison websites) perfectly summarises its unusual character, saying: 'This juce has some style, a peculiar character and whichever the way it will be savoured, it will always appear warm, welcoming, and pleasant, a tad like a funky-music song, once well tamed. Its complexity makes it possible to change its savour depending on the temperature.'

A well deserved Top-Juice, as it is worth the journey.

Produced with the highest rigour by LFEL, French laboratory whose reputation doesn't need any other proof, in order to guarantee the best ingredients in the market, the base is made up of 70 % VG and 30 % PG, without alcohol, thus delivering a dense vapour.

The 10 ml bottle made of high quality glass with a pipette cap ensures the quality control chart in force. (Available in 0, 4, and 8 mg / ml of nicotine.)

The range also exists in 60 ml bottles without any nicotine, filled with 50 ml of liquid, thus potentially leaving space for a booster. Certified according to the Belgian TPD, the instructions label is translated in Flemish, German, Italian and English.


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